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Star's Lighthouse For The Homeless

Making A Difference 1 Meal At A Time

Personal Introductions

Tim is a US Vet that fought for our country for years. He does suffer from having diabetes and had his shoes stolen from his home while he slept. One knows that socks and shoes are very vital to one who suffers from 

diabetes. So we thought that he would appreciate a new pair of shoes along with some food. Tim was extremely grateful and stated I will keep my shoes under my pillow when I sleep.

This is Miss Mary a 36 year old woman. She suffers from a mental illness and also has stomach cancer. She fights an unbelievable fight each day due to her mental illness. It is 

unknown if she is a mother or has a family. But one thing Mary still has is her smile regardless of what she is going through she continues to smile awaiting our weekly visits and meals.

Meet Albert, he is also a US Vet who suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He was once a hard working citizen within the community but struggled with maintaining employment due to his PTSD. He loss everything his home, his job due to having mental breakdowns from the disorder. Albert is now a homeless veteran trying to sustain within society the best way he can.