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Star's Lighthouse For The Homeless

Making A Difference 1 Meal At A Time

Stars Children's Lighthouse

Upcoming summer 2022

Emergency Children's Shelter

Star's Lighthouse for The Homeless is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization established for the purpose of Empowering and Equipping today's youth to become the Leaders of their generation. We will create an environment that will provide Safety, Encouragement, Support and Healing. Each Student will be partnered with a volunteer mentor, which will assist in providing Support and Encouragement.

All trained mentors will provide our residents with * Basic Needs (food & shelter) * Case Management * Medical/ Dental assistance * Education assistance * Counseling * Transportation to and from school.

Transitional living

Star's Children's Lighthouse will also be known as " Star's House" . The name Star's House was decided so children don't have to tell their friends that they live in a shelter. They have the comfort of saying they live at Star's house. Our goal is to provide a stable traditional home with a safe and nurturing environment. Star's Lighthouse believe that children of all ages grow and prosper best within a home environment where they can learn about themselves, how to live in a loving family and life skills. Our goal is to surround them with adults, who will love, care and support them, so they can grow into their potential and to help them overcome any challenges and problems.

Teens Responsibilities

In order to provide stability, each teen must attend school and will be held responsible for the following: * Personal hygiene * Household responsibilities * Making their beds *Participation with Transitions mentoring * Weekly Journals/Reflections * Actively involved in Individualized Treatment plan

* Involved in at least ONE extra curricular activity at school & Volunteering in the Community.

Why Donate?

We are dedicated to provide Safe and Stable Housing to Homeless youth, we are even more determined to teach life skills, and provide opportunities that will assist them in achieving their goals, ultimately breaking the cycle of unequipped homeless youth. We need your help for the development and sustainability of this project.

We are Encouraging ALL donors to pledge during the 22 months of the campaign to raise $450,000 for Stars Children's Lighthouse.

Join us by making a Tax-Deductible contribution, No amount or level is to small.

Your donation will make a positive impact on a child's life.